fdi Island Economies of the Future 2017/18

In April 2017, fDi Magazine will publish its Island Economies of the Future ranking for 2017/18. This biennial ranking seeks to find the economic, business and financial strengths of top performing FDI island economies all over the world.

Could your city come out on top?

fDi Magazine will be ranking island economies in six categories:

  • Economic Potential
  • Human Capital and Lifestyle
  • Connectivity
  • Business Friendliness
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • FDI Strategy

Don’t miss this opportunity to tell us why an investor should consider YOUR island economy as an investment destination.

Our team of researchers will be benchmarking the investment potential of cities across the country using data from both our specialised online databases, fDi Benchmark and fDi Markets, amongst other sources.

In order to analyse the most recent FDI promotion activities of locations, we invite local, regional and national levels of investment promotion agencies, economic development units, governments, governors and mayors to supply additional information regarding their current investment promotion activities in order to help enhance their island economy’s competitiveness in the rankings.

There is no cost to submit.


for the FDI Strategy category

To tell us more about your location, we need you to answer the following questions:

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1. How many staff do you have dedicated to promoting and facilitating inward investment and what systems/programmes do you have in place to train staff and measure performance? What is your organisation’s annual budget for the promotion of FDI and other economic development activities? : (max 350 words)*

2. Provide details of any key initiatives you are implementing to attract more investment and tell us how your agency/organisation is helping attract investment in these sectors: (max 350 words)*

3. List and provide supporting information on high growth sectors/sub-sectors in your location which offer excellent potential for inward investmen: (max 350 words)*

4. Provide a description of incentives which are available to inward investors, outlining where possible the typical size of incentives and tell us how your agency/organisation is helping attract investment in these sectors: (max 350 words)*

5. Describe any digital/multimedia activities used to create interest in your location: (max 300 words):*

6. List any major infrastructure and urban planning projects: (max 300 words)*

7. What aftercare initiatives are in place in your location to ensure investor retention?: (max 300 words)*

8. Give an example of a time when your agency influenced an investment decision: (max 300 words) *

9. Are you familiar with fDi Markets and fDi Benchmark, the real time online databases detailing FDI information? *


1. What is your location’s marketing slogan, or how could its appeal best be summarised in a short phrase? (20 words or less):

2. We invite your organisation's chief executive, director or president to tell us his or her vision for achieving your location's full FDI potential and why it is a location of the future: (max 150 words):

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